Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Chris's Touchdown Tuesday: Sept 27, 2016

- Chris Giannini

 Well, it’s Tuesday and I’m ready to reminisce on all the great wins for the weekend.  Some I called and some I got terribly wrong, but they were all entertaining.

Thursday night 2 blowout games:  First the Clemson team we have been waiting for finally showed up.  They dominated Georgia Tech in Atlanta at every facet of the game.  They look primed for the big time showdown this Saturday with Louisville.  The second game Thursday night was another dominating performance.  I keep watching the Pats play with all these different quarterbacks and other players hurt and I’m waiting for them to just have one of those games where they don’t show up.  It never seems to happen.  Bill and the rest of the coaches there just don’t seem to show any of their weaknesses and they seem to expose and capitalize on every weakness of their opponents.  It’s just impressive...

The Tuesday Trifecta: Sept 27, 2016

What a night - Trump and Clinton put on quite the show, and the Saints and Falcons put up touchdowns like they were going out of style, en route to a 45-32 Falcons win.

The weekend was definitely crazy.  The NFL was bizzaro world with favorites falling all over the place (Steelers, Cardinals, Panthers), and teams we never thought would be at the top (Eagles, Vikings, Ravens) staking claim as some of the best in the league.

Along with that, this morning, more news came out that Oklahoma is likely not voting for expansion in the Big 12, which completely goes against the narrative that they were in favor of it to begin with

My guess is that once the bunch down in Texas decided they were in favor of adding another team from their state, a team that beat up on OU in Week 1, the Sooners brass decided they were not in favor of this.  As long as it was Memphis and Cincinnati, the administration in Norman knew they could be a leader in the Big 12, but with having to deal with Baylor, Texas Tech, TCU, and Texas already, they didn't want another recruiting disadvantage in that state.  Once the state of Texas got behind Houston as a new member, everyone else in the Big 12 decided they're fine with things how they are currently situated, and they'll figure out the next wave of realignment once their TV contacts have expired in 8 years.

Now... on to the Trifecta.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Podcast: Episode 13 - Sept 26th, 2016

Gary and Chris discuss the WCE College Football Top 10 (00:24), the firing of Les Miles (3:08), the names for LSU's next head coach (8:00), Auburn wins, but we don't think Gus Malzahn is safe by any means (14:00), Tennessee finally beats Florida after 11 straight losses and gets to run into a gauntlet (15:38), Ole Miss beat up on Georgia and staked their claim as the best 2 loss team in the country (18:36), Texas A&M looked like the best team in the country in the 4th quarter against Arkansas (21:10), Stanford looked dead to rights for 58 minutes against UCLA, then stormed back for 2 touchdowns in the final :20 seconds left for the cover and saved the Pac-12's playoff hopes (25:01), whether or not USC should go offer Chip Kelly oodles of cash (27:12) and the fact that Clay Helton has played an insanely difficult schedule and should be given the benefit of the doubt (28:25), Brian Kelly shifted the blame for Notre Dame's 1-3 start and fired Brian Van Gorder Sunday (31:52), we discuss what happened with our picks this weekend (35:11), the results of our SEC fantasy picks (43:42), and the NFL recap (45:36).

A Note for Coach Miles

If you’ve followed my writing or heard me speak on the podcast I use a phrase “hero status.”  I use that phrase when talking about someone, who I’ve fallen in love with after watching them over the years. 

While at the end of my college career (just a shade under a decade) someone once asked me, “don’t you think it’s immature to worship other grown men you don’t even know?”  I agreed with this person's concept, and understood where they were coming from, but it had gotten me through life, and I didn’t know any other way. 

Most of the guys I know were raised by their fathers.  Even if they came from divorced homes, dad was still in the picture.  And if not dad, step-dad.  This wasn’t the case for me.  I was raised by a single mom who worked as hard as she could to support my brother and I, which meant we didn’t see her much.  I was mostly raised by my grandfather, but he passed away when I was in 6th grade.