Friday, December 2, 2016

Final Playoff Resumes (what's really going to happen): 12/2/16

We've finally reached the end of the college football regular season, and the Championship Weekend is now upon us.  And what a long, strange season it's been.

We're now to the point where the playoff committee has to show whether they're interested in viewership, or retaining their credibility.  They stated one of the most important criteria for getting into the playoff would be conference championships... but the way things are ranked, and how they are talking about teams leads one to believe that TV ratings may be more important, especially after how poor the ratings were last year for the Alabama / Michigan St game in Dallas and the Clemson / Oklahoma game in Miami.  The ratings were so bad, in fact, that ESPN had to give away $20M in free ads due to the viewership being so horrible.

Why Lane Kiffin would leave Alabama for LSU

I've had several people ask me to help make sense of the idea of Lane Kiffin leaving Tuscaloosa for Baton Rouge.

It's really not as hard as some people think it is.

Yes, Alabama is, currently, a better, more stable program.  Yes, Kiffin and Saban appear to be working together well, getting to 3 straight SEC Championship games, 2 straight playoffs, and winning the playoff last year.  LSU just hired their interim head coach as full-time head coach, and, yes, it's the same coach that went 10-25, and 3-21 in the SEC, as head coach at Ole Miss from 2005-07.

But that doesn't mean it couldn't work out for Lane.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

WCE Thursday Picks (11/30/16)

Good gracious.  Life comes at ya fast, right?  We are actually on the final weekend... CHAMPIONSHIP weekend... in college football.  Yes, we have Army - Navy next weekend, and then we get plenty of bowl games to keep us occupied (and yes, we'll be picking bowl games throughout December), and we'll continue to pick NFL games... but we've really made it to the end of the season.  And we've done fairly well, if I do say so myself.  Between all of the games that we've picked against the spread, between our gambling picks and our big game picks, I'm now at 95-82-8 while Chris is at 83-95-7.  We've both go a chance to hit over 100 wins before the NFL season is done.  And that's a pretty big deal. On to the games for this week!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Hot & Not CFB Coaches: Who is coaching your team next year?

On yesterday's podcast, we discussed coaches that are clearly on the hot seat for next season, and that should probably be fired this year.  Along with that, we brought up some names of coaches that should be in bigger jobs...

There are 3 tiers in college football: the bottom tier is where the Sun Belt, MAC, Conference USA and others reside - the middle tier is the AAC and the Mountain West, and then you have your Power 5 schools.

The order of things is generally you move from level 3 to level 2 then to Power 5... but sometimes those things get bypassed, especially if you're already a coordinator on the Power 5 level, etc.  You don't have to have head coaching experience to get a big time job in those instances, although it would help in some cases to break in at a lower level than the big time expectations of a Power 5 job (i.e. Kirby Smart going straight to Georgia, Will Muschamp going straight to Florida, Lane Kiffin to the Oakland Raiders, etc).

Here's my stab at the coaches that need to be gone, and the upstart coaches that should be in bigger jobs sooner than later.

The Tuesday Rewind (a day late): Nov 29, 2016

Rivalry week didn't really do us any big favors, but we continue winning.  I've now gone 8-0 the last 2 weeks on my NFL picks, both in the biggest games and in my gambling picks, so that's definitely something.

Chris continues rolling in college football, hitting a winning week again, while I fell to 2-3 this go 'round.  On the year, in all picks combined, I'm sitting at 95-82-8 while Chris is at 83-95-7.  Still plenty of time over the NFL season and college bowl games to get back to even.