Thursday, October 20, 2011

Week 8 Preview

The weekend starts tonight in the football world. Here’s a breakdown of the weeknight games and the bigger games of Saturday (with my picks included).

- Central Florida’s competent defense takes on one of the worst offenses in UAB. I look for UCF to take this one something like 28-3.
- The Pac-12 takes advantage of the Thursday night spotlight again with another conference game, this one between UCLA and the home Arizona Wildcats. Both teams are terrible, but UCLA is the least terrible. They’ll take it 35-21.

- West F’n Virginia takes on Syracuse in the dome.

Monday, October 3, 2011

How'd the picks do?

Turrible. Holy mother of lord, terrible. Like, the worst possible, piss me off type of terrible. This was ridiculous.

Georgia Tech 45 at NC State 35
We had: Georgia Tech -10 PUSH
Wanna talk about ridiculous. Up 45-21 with less than 2 minutes left, I go ahead and flip the channel, thinking this thing is done. I seriously turn it back

Week 5: POP QUIZ!

If you watched week 5 of college football and took notes like you were suppose to, here’s what you should have learned.

Florida is the same Florida as last year. Weiss threw the kitchen sink, and it landed in the rest of Florida’s front yard with all their other heavy appliances.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Around the World of College Football: Week 5 Edition

For the first time all fall, I will be able to sit back and enjoy college football at its finest...from my own couch. I’ve been to Tuscaloosa (twice), Starkville, and Happy Valley this season, but this Saturday will be done in true college football fashion. No checking the ribbon boards during the sporadic updates, no hoping 3G will be able to load my ESPN app in a stadium full of people, and no asking the guy 2 rows and 7 seats down with the radio headphones what he’s hearing about things in Austin. Just me, a laptop, and a television. Here are the matchups I’ll be focused in on the most.