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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Patriots are the NFL's enemy #1

With the entire football world descending on Houston, TX this week for Super Bowl 51, we ended up with the best possible matchup for the big game.  A fresh face, and an old enemy.

Make no mistake, the Patriots are definitely the enemy.  Almost everyone (sans actual Patiot fans) want the Falcons to win this game.  John Ourand, from the Sports Business Journal, reported several public policy polls, and the numbers are about what you would expect:

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

With Musburger & Lundquist Gone, Here's the Best of What's Left

- Gary Segars (twitter: @proseveregary)

With Verne Lundquist getting his big send-off in his last season of calling College Football games, another of the sport's most iconic voices during television broadcasts decided to ride off into the sunset without all the hoopla, and Brent Musburger announced today that he'll be retiring from broadcasting at the end of January.

Lundquist will continue calling basketball games through the NCAA Tournament and will finish up his broadcasting career at the Masters on Sunday, April 9th.  Musburger is calling it quits with ESPN right in the middle of the college basketball season, calling his last game, between Kentucky and Georgia, on January 31st.

Podcast 56: Brent Musberger retires, Georgia Tech getting screwed, Deshaun Watson & Michael Jordan, Big Ben retiring? & Ted Cruz murders Deadspin

- Gary Segars (Twitter: @proseveregary)

Gary and Chris jump right into the breaking news of Brent Musberger retiring, Paul Johnson says the ACC is trying to screw Georgia Tech, Dabo Swinney compares Deshaun Watson to Michael Jordan, Big Ben flirts with retirement (but probably not really), and Ted Cruz murdered Deadspin last night on twitter.

Friday, January 20, 2017

My Weight-Loss Battle Starts Over

I love food.

Not just sweets, although I love those as well.  I thoroughly enjoy a good steak from Fleming's, a big juicy hamburger from Huey's, Memphis style chicken wings from D'Bo's, Dreamland BBQ (along with a few other BBQ shacks in Memphis and Alabama), any and every pizza joint, and a number of other tasty delights.

To help put it in perspective, I go to fairs just for the food.  So, as you can see, eating is one of my favorite things to do in this world.

My biggest battle during my 34 years on this earth has been with controlling my weight.

NFL Championship Game Picks: Fri, Jan 20th, 2017

- Gary Segars (twitter: @proseveregary)

Chris and I made our picks on this morning's podcast, so be sure and listen in there (and subscribe, review & share!), but here's a collection of our NFL playoff picks so far, along with the picks for this weekend's games...